Lacasse warrants all product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a limited period of one year from the date of shipment. Customer is expected to do a inspection for damage before signing bill of lading from the shipping company, and within 2 days of receiving order to identify any errors or emissions.

If found to be defective by the manufacturer, products will be exchanged or credited to the customer’s account at his option.

No products may be returned without prior approval. (see return policy). No other warranties or responsibilities for safety or performance are either expressed or implied.

Lacasse cannot be responsible for the following:

  1. Wood components that have not been sealed within 4 days from time of delivery. Some woods are more difficult than other and will cup if left un-attended and exposure to higher than normal humidity and/or dryness.
  2. Product that has been stored incorrectly (ie. in damp basements) or exposed to severe climate changes, moisture or direct sunlight
  3. Incorrect installation. It is imperative that local building codes be followed for safe installation.
  4. Abuse or misuse of any product. These components are intended for interior use ONLY

We recommend:

  1. Check all product for shipping damage and accuracy of manufacturing immediately on receipt of goods! .. BEFORE the truck or delivery man leaves or they will not take responsibility for any in-transit damage.
  2. All heating/AC systems be in place AND operating at optimum humidity before wood components are brought on site.
  3. Allow interior moisture content to level off at an average of 45% relative humidity.
  4. Obtain local building control office design approval for railings & steps prior to any product ordering & installation.
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