Zebrawood: Microberlinia brazzavillensis


Rough: 4/4  & 8/4  RW

D2S: short boards of various widths & lengths

Turning Blocks & Knife Scales

Pricing: from $23.95 /BF +


The Wood: 


zebrawood lumber, knife scales, turning blocks

Zebrawood is one VERY dramatically patterned wood from West Africa.  The dark brown striations compete with the pale beige background to create a well-named zebra pattern … everything you would think about, visualizing its animal name-sake. This exciting pattern comes out in cross grain slices as well, so knife scales and cutting boards are often seen to capitalize on these interesting patterns. It can be bought as “quarter-sawn” (very straight grain)  or regular sawn (lot of swirls). We typically carry the later, as I find in more exciting, and not quite as expensive.


The wood has an endless interlocking grain that makes it difficult to plane, thus we carry a wider selection of wood that has been pre-sanded to make working with zebrawood a little easier and more enjoyable. Zebrawood lumber is easy to cut. If you look at the tech tables , it does have a pretty high co-efficient of shrinkage, so important to work with dry wood … finding occasional fissures in the wood is not unusual.


NOTES: Planing zebrawood is also interesting, as it creates memories of your toilet backing up … the lingering aroma lol…. another reason why at Lacasse Fine Wood Products we carry more of the zebrawood in a sanded form.

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