Mirage Engineered Hardwood Flooring

A beautiful high-tech floor for over radiant heat and concrete sub-floors

Mirage Engineered 3/8" Hardwood Floor: Santos Mahogany

Mirage Engineered 3/8″ Hardwood Floor: Santos Mahogany

Mirage Engineered Flooring has been specifically designed for environments where it is often not possible to use the traditional solid wood floor… but designed it in such a way that it looks, acts and can be sanded exactly like its 3/4″ thick solid wood cousin!


So how did they make the Mirage Engineered Hardwood?


It has been designed with an extra thick layer of dry sawn real wood that can be sanded 3-5 times as with the solid wood “Classic” Mirage line of flooring.


Because the real wood layer is so thick they had to laminate it a to a very strong Baltic Birch plywood core. This is NOT a regular plywood with lots of holes and only a few layers. Baltic Birch plywood has been used for years by industrial pattern makers building templates for new car parts and industrial components, thus it’s tuff. It counterbalances the tendency of the thick wood layer to want to cup and offers maximum floor stability, with a glue down installation option.


Cross Section of a Mirage Engineered Floor

Cross Section of a Mirage Engineered Floor

All four edges are machined with a perfect tongue and groove fit and micro V-joint, and then sanded in 24″ wide panels to get a perfectly smooth surface that you’ll enjoy even with bare feet. It then gets boxed with 5 different lengths of floor in each box, so that it lays and looks like a traditional floor for either glue down or nail down applications.


Newest Engineered Option: “Trubalance”

This engineered flooring has all the benefits of their historical “plywood” based floor, but uses Canadian softwoods like spruce and pine, that have been cut and laminated in a very special pattern across the upper layer of oak or maple, to create a dimensionally stable floor that exceeds all standards in the industry….. and its lighter moving from your car to the jobsite 🙂  … its also a standard 3/4″ thick, so allows you to use traditional floor nailers if that is the application method of choice!


So why would you use Engineered Hardwood?

  1. If you have a radiant heating system in place. This is the only type of real wood flooring that can maintain its dimensional stability over infloor heating.
  2. you would like to install a real wood floor over a concrete slab, like in condominiums or offices. Classic solid wood floors need to be nailed in place, which is not possible on a cement slab, thus you must look at floors that have installation methods more appropriate to cement’s limitations where nailing is not an option.
  3. you’d like to have a real wood floor in your basement, a below grade installation. Moisture conditions in below grade applications, as well as the cement subfloor issue as discussed above, prevent the use of a “classic” wood floor in these locations. A Mirage Engineered floor is perfect in this situation.
  4. You’d like to consider installing a border. Using engineered simplifies the installation. Instead of attempting to nail very short decorative pieces or corner highlighter blocks and having the nail crack the tongue you can just use a little glue.. works perfectly.
  5. You need a thinner floor, either because you have no clearance under the dishwasher or you’d like to match up with an existing 3/8″ thick ceramic tile.
  6. You’d like to install a wide plank flooring.. not a particularly wise decision if you live in a geographic area like Sudbury, Ontario that swings from 30% to 60% in relative humidity over the course of a year. Wide floors have much fewer nails holding the boards in place (ie. in rows 5″ apart rather then 3″ apart). As such they are very prone to cupping and buckling with seasonal fluctuations. With an engineered floor you can glue it down and get 100% surface adhesion to the subfloor…. a great installation method to improve your possibilities of success if you insist in installing wide plank flooring.
  7. You’d like to make an environmentally sound decision. Mirage Engineered flooring uses only 1/3 of the decorative wood per square foot, as compared to a solid wood floor.

Any of these stories are a great reason to select a Mirage engineered hardwood flooring.. and that is besides the fact that it looks beautiful and installs with just about finger tip pressure.


Product Options:

  • Engineered Plywood: 1/2″ x 5″, 6.5″ & 7 3/4″
  • Trubalance: 3/4″ * 5″ , 6.5″ & 7 3/4″
  • Available in all the same woods and colour choices as the classic line, thus whatever decorating decisions you make on the main floor, they can be carried into the basement
  • Can be glued or nailed.

Specialty Products that use the wide plank format:

Mirage uses the wide plank format, to highlight a number of interesting finishing technique to create visual interest: (roam their website for an extensive library of photos)

  • two tone stains to create an exciting set of visuals (sweet memories series).
  • natural wood characters like knots and bark pockets… a perfect rich underlay of colour and figure to compliment any country living decorating decisions. (“character grade”)
  • application of unique textures to add interesting design features to the wood. (brushed or “cork” texture of Imagine Collection)


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NOTE: we can only sell Mirage flooring into the Sudbury District as a condition of our distribution agreement.

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