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Lacasse has made solid wood countertops, up to 50″ wide and 10′ long, most often 1.5″ thick for kitchen island counters, desks and table tops. Thinner panels, most often 3/4″ thick have been built, as the beginnings of a piece of furniture, …  for those hobby woodworkers that want to play, but don’t have a thickness planer to create solid wood panels… send us an email, give us the math and the wood species, and we’ll get back to you with a price.


What is the best wood for countertops?

I’m a wood addict, so any closed pore wood is good … OK, I’m biased… traditional norms would suggest maple as the number one species. It doesn’t have the open pores like a red oak or ash, that are prone to hold bacteria, but then the same could be said about cherry or walnut or ……  you get the idea.

Maple has a long history, especially in end grain butcher blocks used in the meat industry,  and university research supports the fact that wood is no more  inclined to hold bacteria than plastic, as long as it is cleaned properly.  Are Plastic Cutting Boards Better Than Wood


What about the cost of a wood countertop?

The price of a wood countertop is about half that of a granite counter, so its a financial benefit as well. Typically, a maple 1.5″ thick countertop is in the $50-$65/sqft range.


What’s the down side of a solid wood countertop?

Think of it like a fine piece of furniture. You need to protect any wood from water penetration, that’s a given. Wood is more likely to ding and dent if handled roughly… but today it seems that many people are looking for that natural set of aesthetics so that is less of an issue, REAL WOOD fits the design treads and is a healthy organic option ……. and great advances have been made in the “finish” category to provide better and stronger surface coatings that make refinishing easier!

Ambrosia Maple Countertop
Curly Soft Maple Countertop
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