Mirage Oak Flooring

Red Oak Mirage Classic 3/4″Solid Wood Floor: Idaho Stain

Oak Flooring is probably the most widely distributed type of flooring around the world. Thus recognized and appreciated by most consumers as a “quality” product.

Dimensional Stability: Average to good in normal home environments.

Durability: Stiff & Dense, resists wear although not as dense as Hard Maple.

Janka Hardness Scale: 1290-1350 (the higher the number the more dense the wood is)

Colour Variation: There are more than 200 subspecies of oak, divided into two main groups between red oak and white oak, thus “oak flooring” can have significant colour variations from pale grey-white to quite pink depending on the origin of the wood and corresponding differences in growing seasons.

Mirage Oak Exclusive Grade Flooring

Mirage makes specifically a Red Oak flooring and a White Oak hardwood flooring, never mixing the two

Your useless information for the day, is that Red Oak is differentiated from its nearest cousin, white oak, by a visual inspection of the cell walls.

White Oak: if you hold a thin cross section up to the light, the pores are visibly filled with a chemical called tylose. It’s what preserves the wood in damp environments, thus an ideal wood for boat parts, but as a floor, more inclined to warp and a little ornery to work with if it hasn’t been dried properly.

Mirage Classic 3/4″ Solid Wood Floor: Red Oak, Natural Stain

Red Oak on the other hand, if you hold a thin cross section of red oak up to the light, you see clear through its pores. This creates a tendency to wick water to its core. Red oak has a high content of tannin and mixed with the iron in our water can create the “blue dye” you are familiar with, when the finish has penetrated below.

Colour change: shows small change with exposure to intense light, … most manufacturers use a finish with a UV protectant to slow down the yellowing tendency This is mostly unnoticeable in stained colours.

Denting: Oak is not as hard as sugar maple, but the strong grain appearance helps to hide any imperfections – denting that it acquires in the process of living.


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NOTE: we can only sell Mirage flooring into the Sudbury District as a condition of our distribution agreement.

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