Why Buy Mirage Hardwood Flooring

6 reasons why we believe Mirage Floors™ are the best on the market!

1. Perfect drying of the wood prevents unsightly cracks!

The MIRAGE factory controls everything from log to finished product, at its Canadian operations in Southern Quebec. Nothing sits in a trans-oceanic cargo hold for months on end. From log to warehouse, the wood is always humidity controlled!

  • Precision drying
  • Less seasonal movement
  • Less gapping between boards. This has been a huge problem with wood that has not been dried correctly for northern, dry winter weather or allowed to pick up moisture in transit before it makes it to your house.
2. Perfect milling reduces waste, saves money!

The strips are always manufactured perfectly straight, with a constant thickness and width. Recognized as “the quality to beat.”

  • They only make ONE quality
  • They are the only manufacturer that offers the same warranty on ALL their flooring INCLUDING the low grade…. NO OPTION to produce an inferior product and sell to a client at a reduced price
  • Virtually no product wastage in all the floors sold over the last 20 years. You save money, and don’t create expensive firewood!
  • Save time on installation, worry free .. this is especially important for clients that would like to install it themselves and have little experience in leveraging into place less than straight pieces of flooring.
3. Perfect even sanding, feels good on your feet!

All flooring is premounted into panels for table top style sanding. This offers superior sanding accuracy with the smallest and most uniform MICRO-V joints in the industry.

  • Uniform thickness, that leaves a floor that feels good on your feet.
  • No uneven edges to catch the on the vacuum or the dogs toenails, thus less risk of damage
4. Clear vibrant stained colours!

Stains are applied uniformly across the wood as well as in the MICRO-V joints. Each colour is tested with a digital camera, to guarantee accuracy of colour match with the previous batch.

  • Visual beauty, all edges are finished perfectly, no white shadow lines that got missed in the staining process (a problem with some floors I have sold)
  • Colour match for projects spread across time.

A significant number of my clients have experienced floor damage, like when the dishwasher overflowed or the movers dragged a piano across the floor. With Mirage’s guarantee colour match, you can insert new flooring boards into the middle of an existing floor and know the colour will be the same. Mirage guarantees colour accuracy between batches.


5. Clarity and durability of the top coat!

An aluminum oxide compound is suspended in an ultraviolet cured polyurethane, for unprecedented protection and more abrasion resistance to wear then the traditional polyurethane. The finish is then sanded, buffed and UV cured for maximum adhesion to the wood and long lasting durability.

  • A beautiful floor for many years, not just when it comes out of the box! .. and where EVERYONE says their finish is equal to a mirage, only Lacasse has installed a Mirage floor and let you walk on it for 15 years in the middle of their showroom, so that you can REALLY see a living example of the quality of their finish… other’s talk, we offer you the proof.

New nanotechnology is taking the Mirage finish to a new level, with the most current research offering a finish with greater clarity and beauty than anything on the market. The beauty of the wood shines through a tough scratch resistant finish, unsurpassed in the industry!


6. Residential 25 year finish warranty: Useful or Useless!

BOA-FRANC Inc. warrants, to the original purchaser, that the surface finish, UV cured polyurethane, factory applied on its MIRAGE Classic prefinished hardwood floor will not wear through or separate from the wood for a full twenty five (25) years, from the date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions, and as long as you follow the Preventive Maintenance and Regular Maintenance as prescribed, in the MIRAGE Maintenance Guide.

Warranties are useless though! Yes, I said that. … for warranties to be useful they have to cover what you might have a problem with AND you have to have a reasonable expectation of being able to collect on them if you have do have a problem.

  • Most guarantees only warranty “structural integrity of the wood “for life” .. who cares, you’ll know the day you install it if these types of issues exist…. at least Mirage warranties the “finish” which is something useful
  • All finish warranties, not just Mirage but all manufacturers,  are based on “normal wear conditions” .. What is normal? Did the dog walk across it at some time? ..

That’s why we put more importance on performance than warranty.. remember the floor in our showroom has been there for 15 years.. and that’s a 15 year old finish technology, no aluminum oxide or their nano-technology. Come and see it, I KNOW you’ll be impressed!

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