Hard Maple Stair Treads

Maple is a large family of trees from the very dense sugar maple (the source of our maple syrup) to relatively “soft” soft maples (all other maple species bunched into this category, except the sugar maple). We typically, only use the sugar maple because it is significantly denser, thus wears better than its cheaper and softer cousins. Sugar maple is also brighter and whiter, characteristics sought after by many of our customers. If you are matching it to a wood floor, ask if your wood is “hard” or “sugar” maple, soft maple or birch. These species can look similar but have different staining characteristics & durability.


We make maple hardwood steps in two grades. A select and better grade and a rustic grade. Natural maple stair treads, as with all of our hardwood stair treads, are guaranteed to be sanded to a quality finish. Sugar Maple is a tough wood to work with but we have invested heavily in robust planning and sanding equipment to handle even these kind of nasty woods. Having said that, we do recommend fanatical sanding to 160-240 grit, not to smooth the surface, but to aid in even absorption of stain if this is the route you are going. Maple can be a challenge to stain evenly at the best of times.


Maple Stair Treads: Select & Better Grade

Maple Steps are selected for colour as with all our select & better grade treads… 90% premium white Appalachian hard maple. Occasional small mineral lines can exist in the some treads, but this is held to a minimum.  Note: Much of the lower grades of maple flooring are made from “soft” maple that is much more colour variable and tends to lean on the gray side of the colour wheel… and yes it is not as dense or “dent resistant” as the “hard” maple… again ask your flooring supplier if you are trying to get an accurate match!


Maple Stair Treads: Rustic Grade

Rustic Grade Maple treads can have significant colour variation from gray/black streak lines and small 1/2″ knots to large reddy brown colour bands. Matches beautifully with the lower grade floors especially if staining in a dark colour to give some real underlying character and match a country living style of interior decorating. Make sure to specify this option, if it is a better match to your flooring installation.

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