Metal Spindles:


All metal spindles at Lacasse are powder coated NOT just spray painted, to offer every client 10x greater scratch resistance then a standard, spray painted finish. As with every finishing product, there is cheap paint and a quality finish. We do NOT shop for the least expensive spindles on the market, but rather those that we feel offer the best value. Those that are nicely manufactured and with a finish that will offer you some durability so it looks newer longer, and with a richer overall appearance.


Round or Square:

Metal spindles come in a variety of design options, but typically the first question one needs to answer is whether you would like “square” metal spindles or “round” ones. You might not care as much as your installer. Ask what they are most familiar with and find the easiest to install!


Traditional installation methods for round spindles, suggests that you drill a hole in the step and in the underside of the  handrail and then fit and glue in your spindle. This method sounds pretty straight forward, except that it is often challenging to get the spindle in place…. try it and you’ll see what I mean…. it goes deeper into the underside of the handrail, and then gets pulled down into the floor….


Our square spindles are always hammered round at one end, so drilling them into the step at one end is fine …  but they are square at the other end, after you cut them to length. The installation answer is to custom groove the handrail to fit your square spindles, and install with a wood spacer using the same technique  as with square WOOD spindles. Most installers find this method much easier and cost effective.


NOTE: all metal spindles are NOT the same size, so this grooving of the handrail has to be done on site, specific to your spindle selection.


Square spindles:
Round spindles:

Engineered Papers for Metal Railings:

We are very cautious in selling ONLY product that complies with the Ontario Building Code Interior Railing Regulations… and we do provide engineering testing for all of our metal spindles directly to building controls for all clients building a new house.

A number of our customers have been forced to replace railings with newer ones that meet these regulations, prior to insurance renewal and/or selling their house. Thus, we try hard to make you aware of all the issues, so you are only doing this job once! .. although maybe we’d make more money if we weren’t so fanatical and didn’t beat you up about this.

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