Mirage Hickory Flooring

Hickory hardwood flooring is not as common a species as say oak or maple, but has come up in conversation, morenatural hickory hardwood flooring significantly in later years, as design treads have edged closer to visuals that bring us closer to nature. Hickory is VERY colour variable, from light beige similar to ash  to the darker brown tones common in the heart wood of birch.

Mirage makes a small selection of hickory floors, but all of them are considered a “character” grade… in other words they all show signs of extreme colour variation, knots and surface flaws to accentuate its rustic nature.

Dimensional Stability: Below Average, so less stable, so Mirage makes this species ONLY in their Trubalance engineered option, to optimize the woods stability with structure below the real wood layer that forces the wood retain its dimensional stability through a range of humidity fluctuations. This gives you the ability to capitalize on its amazing appearance, without worrying about its inclination to move… same warranty as all the other amazing mirage floors

Durability: One of the predominate hickory advantages is its hardness. The Janka rating of 1820, reflects its greater density and durability relative to our more tradition Ontario species of maple and oak (+20%  approximately)

Janka Hardness Scale: 1820 (the higher the number the more dense the wood is)

Colour Variation: There are about 10 species of hickory, with only a few being harvested commercially. … all are VERY colour variable.

Colour change: All woods change colour with age and exposure to UV light, but having said that, find hickory to be one of the woods that changes colour very little.

Denting: The greater density of hickory AND the busy grain pattern and colour, makes denting imperfections less obvious… one reason why clients with a dog often ask about hickory hardwood flooring as an option… it does a better job of hiding life’s mishaps 🙂

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NOTE: we can only sell Mirage flooring into the Sudbury District as a condition of our distribution agreement.

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