Yellowheart/Pau Amarello: Euxylophora paraensis


Rough: 4/4  RW , approx. 52″ lengths

D2S: short boards of various widths & lengths

Pricing: from $14.50 /BF +


The Wood: 


Yellowheart Wood For Sale

Yellowheart is an intense yellow Brazilian Exotic wood, ….exotic at least in Northern Ontario :). it is one of the few woods that does a pretty good job of retaining its natural colour throughout its life, making it a good choice to use in jewelry, children’s toys and patterned cutting boards.


I would tend to compare it to hard maple, in terms of its machineability. It has a relatively uniform grain so it is pretty predictable in cutting, planing and routing. The surface is closed grained , making sanding and finishing relatively straight forward.


NOTES: Yellowheart is often referred to as Pau Amarello— the Portuguese  word for  “yellow wood”.

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