Padauk: Pterocarpus soyauxii


Rough: 4/4  & 8/4  RW  .

D2S: short boards of various widths & lengths

Pricing: from $13.50 /BF +


The Wood: 


Padauk Hobbywood

Padauk is an African wood with an intense orange colour, sometimes with almost black or yellowish streaks creating dramatic grain patterns.  You can save the dust and shavings and use them as a colorant in your next epoxy casting ;).     Great wood for contrasting inlays. Clients have made everything from wood ipad cases, to turned wine stoppers.


Its grain is open and  relatively coarse , so although padauk would be considered a hardwood, it is relatively straight forward to cut and sand.  Its Janka rating is around 1950 in comparison to purplehearts’ rating of 2500 … so that should give you a bit of an idea of its comparative density. Finishing requires a little more work to seal the open pores if you are looking for that glass-like finish.


NOTES: … and yes, like most intensely coloured woods, Padauk does darken to a more intense reddish brown with age. Using a UV protectant and keeping it out of the sunlight will slow the process … but not stop it! You could try hiding your work in the closet, but then who’d get to appreciate your craftmanship 🙂

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