Mirage Hardwood Flooring

Mirage wood flooring is more than just good looks…………….


At Lacasse Fine Wood Products (Sudbury, Ontario) we sell only MIRAGE prefinished flooring because we believe it is the best flooring on the market.

  • Perfect clarity of finish. Check it out in the light! .. a beautiful rich depth of colour.. no one can compete with!
  • Newest technology in finishing, so that it looks good not just today, but in 10 years time. Ask around! … see our 15 year old floor. The shine is still there EVEN in the doorways and at the top of the stairs.
  • No waste. It saves you money! Don’t pay for firewood! We’ll even guarantee it!
  • Perfect drying, gives a tight fit & quality installation.

See the proof! Fifteen years ago we installed 1000′ feet of Mirage Classic Oak Sierra Floor on the upper floor of our showroom. It has survived all these years of commercial traffic.. boots, shoes ..winter and summer, more traffic than in front of your kitchen sink and it still looks great! Come, see for yourself we’d love to chat about our absolute faith in the Mirage line of products.


Product Choices:

The “Classic” Solid Wood Flooring (click HERE for more info)

  • Designed for above and on grade applications
  • Solid 3/4″ x 3 1/4″  hardwood for use in most applications with a traditional wood subfloor
  • For nail down application..

Engineered Flooring (click HERE for more info)

  • Solid hardwood layer laminated to a plywood or SPF wood base
  • Allows Mirage to make flooring up to 7 3/4″ wide and still retain stability
  • Designed for more demanding applications like over concrete or radiant heating when glue down application is essential.
  • Plywood Engineered gives you a 1/2″ thinner option if that works better for floor-to-floor transitions

Floating LOCK™ Floor (click HERE for more info)

  • An engineered floor that can be installed above, below and on grade
  • Real wood “floated” floor, NOT laminate
  • It is easily installed by the novice do-it-yourselfer. Even easier than a traditional laminate, but with the beauty of a real wood floor, so represents a significant cost savings for those so inclined.
For more information.

NOTE: we can only sell Mirage flooring into the Sudbury District as a condition of our distribution agreement.

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