Wood Project Kits & Supplies

We are like the candy store for local woodworkers. We carry in the range of 30 different wood species from around the world, from basswood to black ebony. Some boards are only two feet long and some species like oak, maple, birch and poplar we carry in either rough or dressed planks up to 12′ long.

We also sell small boards and blocks for wood turning from our sister site, so check out there to get a good idea of what we have in the shop if you are a local crafter and you decide to visit. NOTE that i do have a requirement than any customer buying special woods is required to return back to the store so that I can inspect their handy work. Half the fun is seeing what others create out of my material.. I’m quite possessive.

Wood craft panels: www.thewoodbox.com

Here’s a bit of a list to get you started.

Woods in the rough:

Rough Lumber, most 4/4, some 5/4 & 8/4

Oak, maple, birch, cherry, ash, walnut plus a little tigerwood, butternut, brazilian cherry and santos mahogany. Note the the inventory of exotic woods is kind of a moving target depending on what i need for steps and railing orders and what is available on the market.

Turning Blocks:

African Blackwood, Ebony, Indian Rosewood Square, Pernambucco 1×1, Cocobolo, Big Leaf Maple Burls

Larger Squares:

Basswood, and a little Walnut and Cherry

Woods that are cut to size as in 1×4 or 1×6

Maple, Oak, Birch, White and Black Ash, Poplar.. a little cherry and pine, and maybe a few other miscellaneous species I can’t think of for the moment, as well as about 5 woods from Brazil that I don’t think you have heard of … Wamara, Hubabbli, Tatabu, Kabukalli and Bulletwood.

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