Wood Project Kits & Supplies

Lacasse is like the candy store for local woodworkers,  carrying in the range of 30 different wood species from around the world, from basswood to zebrawood. Some boards are only two feet long and some species like oak, maple and poplar are carried in either rough or dressed planks up to 12′ long … blocks for wood turning, thin stock for scrolling,  burls and slices for sign making and epoxy work, everything you need as a hobbyist woodworker . Come visit to find that unique piece … NOTE that we do have a requirement than any customer buying special woods is required to return back to the store so that we can inspect their handy work. Half the fun is seeing what others create out our my material.. we’re quite possessive!

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Most recently we have had requests for “project kits” . This is a work in progress, and new projects will be added as they become available, so check back often …

  1. Helle Knife Kits: hunting knives, both bush and fish filleting in inventory … so you can buy the blade blank ready to add your personalized version of a wood handle. Save a lot of money based on the cost of a fully premade Helle bush knife and have fun at the same time. Wood handle components are available in 10 different species that have been machined and calibrated for this specific application … One client made multiple bush knives as gifts for the men in his wedding party … great way to personalize the gift!!
  2. Cutting Board Kits: a selection of woods have been cut and packaged in various sizes   ….   add some creative lamination, shape cutting and final sanding to create your own custom cutting board. A great way to make a gift, even if you don’t have much in the way of woodworking tools or space.
  3. Rolling Pins Kits: includes some thin exotic wood strips and a classic Canadian hard maple core block that can be laminated and turned to create a more exotic version of the traditional French rolling pin design.


The kits have proven to be a great hit with parents and grandparents, looking to engage and share time with both their older and younger children . They offer creativity and a great sense of accomplishment in making something physical,  great gift ideas, limited need for both sophisticated tools and space to use them in. Each kit adds to the knowledge base of a passionate woodworker to explore and play more!

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