We carry a wide range of wood species, from around the world to feed YOUR and MY wood addiction!


Exotic Wood for Craft Woodworkers

Exotic Wood for Craft Woodworkers

Domestic Species: For the most common species, like oak, maple and poplar, we typically have inventory of the standard 3/4″ thickness in various widths from 3/4″ x 1.5″ up to 3/4″ x 7.5″ and occasionally wider. Other thicknesses like a full 1″ for stairs and window sills , or 1.5″ for wood countertops or fireplace mantles, are prepared on an order by order basic as each clients needs are typically quite specific.


Other domestic species like walnut and cherry, are most often sold in a rough , or semi rough state for crafters making everything from wood jewelry boxes to cutting boards. A small selection of dressed 3/4″ thick material, optimized for width… 2-5′ long is available …. for those clients that do not have access to a thickness planer but want to experiment with these beautiful native species.


Exotic Woods: everything from Bloodwood to Zebrawood, are available in full length NOT planed (rough) boards. Shorter boards (typically 18″ – 36″ ) are dressed to thickness, for woodcrafters that have only a need for a small board or again, no access to a thickness planer. A few species are available¬† as turning squares for peppermills, pens and bottle stoppers etc.


Check the ‘species specific page’ where we have tried to provide as much detail as possible in regards to sizes we have available, for each type of wood.

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