Wood & Metal Railings

For Interior Residential Installations

Stairs & Railings Lacasse Fine Wood Products Sudbury OntarioLacasse Fine Wood Products in Sudbury, Ontario, manufactures wood railings in a variety of styles and woods to fit all your home renovation needs, handrails in oak, maple, walnut and even American Black Cherry and it’s more exotic cousin, Brazilian Cherry. Today we do a lot of WHITE oak railings and White oak wood stairs as a comment on the design trends for beige and grey based stains.


These wood railings are designed to compliment the new array of exotic woods available in hardwood flooring today, to allow you to decorate with complete freedom, knowing that you can find all the bits and pieces you need to achieve that “awe” factor in your decorating.


For those that would like to consider introducing some metal or wrought iron into the mix, we carry in stock a number of styles of metal railing components and have many more styles that can be special ordered.


Metal spindles come in various colours,  NOT just the basic black, …to better compliment the richness of various types of wood. Textured black spindles look great with Brazilian Cherry but metal spindles powder coated rich dark brown tones look much classier with the mocha and chocolate based stains, common in the hardwood flooring pallet of colours these days. Let us mix and match finding the right solution for your home.

Wood Spindles:

  1. Modern Style:
  2. Traditional Colonial Turned Spindles:
  3. Hardwood Railings (and associated base & shoe rails, nosings, brackets)
Stairs & Railings Lacasse Fine Wood Products Sudbury Ontario

Building Code Regulations for Interior Railings:

We are very cautious in selling ONLY product that complies with the Ontario Building Code Interior Railing Regulations… and we do provide engineering testing for all of our metal spindles directly to building controls for all clients building a new house.

A number of our customers have been forced to replace railings with newer ones that meet these regulations, prior to insurance renewal and/or selling their house. Thus, we try hard to make you aware of all the issues, so you are only doing this job once! .. although maybe we’d make more money if we weren’t so fanatical and didn’t beat you up about this.

We have a number of railings installed in our showroom to give you a great idea on what the final product will look like, so please visit or our showroom or email with your requests.

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