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These Birch stair treads were made for S.Cook, Alberta and shipped via Grey Hound to their door.

The lower pictures show the great colour variation that is available with birch treads, from the pretty reddish brown heart colours to the creamy white sapwood. Birch steps can and do often have quite a range of colour… its a bit unpredictable, depending on the wood that arrives on our doorstep. We try and do our best to match the colour variation of the wood to that of the floor you are installing.

The one piece hardwood planks made installation quick and easy, although fitting the length between two walls is somewhat of a challenge.

The last step was custom made by Lacasse, as a starting step finished both ends with Quarter Round cuts on the front, left and right corners.. We typically use about a 5″ radius, but the box underneath must match the radius of the quarter round starter tread.

Congratulation to this couple that took on a challenging home renovation project… they’ve done an amazing job!

“Our stair treads arrived yesterday. They look wonderful and should fit perfectly! Thank you for your speedy completion and delivery of these products. Thanks so much again for your friendly service and quality product. We are very happy with the final result.”

.. kind regards, ..S. Cook

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