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Brampton, ON

Drew had a bit of a challenge recovering these carpeted stairs, as the underlying structure was not in very good shape.. I might suggest based on his experiences that you really check out the old stairs, once the carpet has been removed to see what’s happening.

If the old steps have a wear spot ie. dished out in the middle that rarely causes a problem in installation… you just add more and better quality glue (like PL premium) so you’re sure that the new step makes contact and adheres to the underlying structure.

In his case the step was “crowed” as in “bubbled up”. This is a more challenging dilemma. Often found in homes where the wood used at the time of construction was not dry. If you’re lucky and have a power hand planer or grinder you can often remove minor hills. If it is really bad you are best off to remove these old steps and replace them with plywood covers. Then add your new steps to the top of this.

“The product supplied was very good.

The installation of the treads was a bit of a job. I would have been further a head to pull off all of the old spruce treads as they were all cupped (crown) up. The stringers had to be refaced as they were out of square and also had a crown on them creating a large and uneven gap. In the end it worked out.”

… D. Stephen, Brampton Ontario

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