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Round Red Oak Stair Treads

Scarborough, ON

This was a pretty tricky set of steps to make and had to be cut on our new CNC router to get the nice consistent curve on the outside edge.

We lined up Jim with another customer of ours that installs treads as a profession, and he did an awesome job of fine tuning the inside edge to tightly wrap around the existing wood box.

Thought you might be interested to see what the original box steps looked like before Jim got rolling.

Because the radius of the treads had to be cut ACROSS the grain to make them out of one piece, the treads were a little fragile so Jim took a trip north and picked them up.

… Karen

” As you can see Mike did a great job, but he had your great product to do it with.

Many thanks for helping me figure out how to do this”

… J Schweitzer, Scarborough Ontario

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