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Decorative Wood Boxes - David Solomon

Sudbury, ON

Check out these wooden boxes! They’re pretty amazing eh! I think David must be addicted to math in order to figure all this out and get the corners matching so perfectly .. or maybe he is a closet quilter. David bought ebony, African Blackwood, Maple Burl and Bloodwood from us to create these truly awesome boxes, enjoy.. Karen

All the wood is solid wood, no veneers. The finished lids ends up about 5/16″ thick but starts off laminated at about 7/16″ before sanding.

He flattens one side of the lid using a stationary 6″ wide belt sander, then flatten the opposite side with a stationary drum sander. Certainly can’t use any kind of cutting edge tool (jointer or planer) to flatten after laminating due to irregular grains and the fragility of the lid in general. The sides are 3/8″ thick but are laminated rough to 1/2″ thick and sanded to final thickness.

“Although I haven’t kept an accurate count, I would estimate these boxes take more than 20 hours to complete. I’m sure I don’t charge enough for them, but then again, I can only keep so many boxes in our house!”

… David Solomon

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