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6 Custom Triangular Hardwood Stairs & 1 Curved Bottom Step. Here’s a set of oak hardwood stairs we made for a family in Virginia, US. It is probably one of the longest wedge shaped steps that we have created, but I think you’ll agree it turned out pretty spectacularly. This home owner had never done a job quite like this before so we chatted over numerous emails and phone calls to find installation methods that would work. Here’s what he has to say..

“The hard work is done!! I am down to the final trim work.

I ended up cutting off the newel posts on each end of the lower sweep on that first step, trimming them up an inch and reattaching them to the new step…. instead of trying to cut that last beautiful step tread to fit around them.

I was worried about taking the newels off but in the end I have newels and railing and balusters on that bottom section more solid/stable than ever. I inserted and glued in a 7 inch piece of 1 1/2 diameter closet pole (into the end of the newel post), then used a commercial J clamp attachment kit and trim around the base of each newel. It worked great.

We shipped oak veneer for Steve to wrap around the last curved step (half round starter step). Here’s his explanation on how he did it. All the other risers were covered with 1/4″ oak plywood.

“I used contact cement. I used standard wood shims to keep the separation between the laminate (wood veneer) and the riser until I had it all lined up and was ready to work in the contact. My son helped with some extra hands. We applied it in two pieces. The seam is right in the middle of the riser and will eventually have a nice runner hiding it (though it is not that obvious anyways).” S.Smith

And lastly we had to show the real tradesman that helped install all these oak hardwood stairs in Virginia, United States. I understand that his help was invaluable!

What a great life! Karen

“You have been great with all the advice. My wife is jazzed about the results. It does look great. And..only I know where the very minor mistakes are. Thanks for all your advice. I am not sure a pro would have done better…maybe a little. Thanks Again”

… Steve

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