Shipping Custom Wood Steps & Railings

We Ship into Ontario, Across Canada & into the United States

Shipping replacement hardwood steps and railings to various locations throughout North America can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but having played with various modes of transportation we are getting pretty good at it.

The only thing we can’t do is ship long lengths of handrail or long thin mouldings via UPS… they have a length limitation of 8′ and will not handle gently enough long thin bundles that don’t have 4″ of padding in all directions.

Using international transport companies is not an option because they do not go into residential areas and not economically feasible unless you are a large shopping list… so here’s what we can do!

Canadian Shipments:

custom wood steps Toronto Shipping across Canada is of course the easiest as we can send them via standard LTL transport companies without dealing with cross border challenges and the complexities of home delivery.

We use Apex Motor Express and they have proven to be very reliable in transporting our custom wood steps and railings across the country, via highways in the east and effective use of the train to the west.

We like the ability to put all your steps in one package with the vital edges protected on the inside. Long lengths of handrail can be bundled in a separate package.

We have tried UPS and a number of other smaller package couriers but due to weight with-strictions per package a complete set of steps must be broken up into 3 separate boxes and leaves a lot of edges exposed…. AND doesn’t save you the customer any money to boot!

“the steps are of superb quality. we are truly very happy with the quality of your product… and they arrived in perfect shape ” Regards, P Strauss

Thus in the United States, where we don’t have a better option, we wrap packages with many layers of cardboard for protection and use UPS, but in the case of Canadian shipments we typically palatalize the steps and send them out with Apex Motor Express. For specifics on the following locations check out these links.

Flat Rate Shipping Rates for Railings & Stair Treads: Ontario

For More Information:

You can fax over a drawing or email and we’ll get right back to you with pricing. We custom make these in the sizes, shape and wood that you desire and wholesale them from our factory in the far north, not quite by dogsled but almost — Sudbury, Ontario Canada.

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